Journal of Chemical Process Engineering

Journal of Chemical Process Engineering  (JCPE) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering various topics of chemical engineering related research. JCPE accepts experimental, analytical, and case study articles of chemical engineering, including chemical process technology, natural resources utilization, food technology, energy technology, etc.

Journal of Chemical  Process Engineering  has ISSN number for printed version No. 2527-4457 and ISSN number for online version No. 2655-2957. JCPE is published by Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Muslim Indonesia. It is published two times a year on May and November.

JCPE submitted manuscripts are checked using a similarity software of Turnitin to prevent plagiarism. The manuscripts are reviewed by two independent experts to assess the academic and scientific quality of the papers. The decision of acceptance or rejection of the papers is made by JCPE editorial board based on a recommendation from the peer-reviewers. The decision of editorial board is final.

The Scope and focus of the journal are :

  1. Chemical and Process Technology
  2. Energy Technology
  3. Coal Technology
  4. Biomass Technology
  5. Fuel and Gas Technology
  6. Separation Technology
  7. Food Technology
  8. Catalyst Technology
  9. Essential Oil Technology
  10. Sugar Technology
  11. Material Technology
  12. Minerals Processing Technology
  13. Powder Technology

Journal of Chemical  Process Engineering accepts original research papers. The papers should be sent directly to OJS System Online Submission System or should be sent electronically via email to

Abstracted/Indexed On :

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CALL FOR PAPER - Journal Of Chemical Process Engineering for Volume 07 Number 01 (Mei) 2022


Journal of Chemical Process Engineering (JCPE) is an open access scientific journal that publishes theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed articles, which contribute to advance the understanding of phenomena related with all aspects of chemical process engineering.

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Posted: 2021-10-04

Journal Accreditation of JCPE 2019 (SINTA 3)

Journal of Chemical Process Engineering (JCPE) has Accredited of SINTA in Kementerian Riset, Teknologi, dan Pendidikan Tinggi through by Direktur Jenderal Penguatan Riset dan Pengembangan Number 28/E/KPT/2019 in Oktober 11th, 2019 with Ranking 3.  
Posted: 2019-10-12

Journal Accreditation of JCPE 2019 (SINTA 5)

Journal of Chemical Process Engineering (JCPE) has Accredited of SINTA in Kementerian Riset, Teknologi, dan Pendidikan Tinggi through by Direktur Jenderal Penguatan Riset dan Pengembangan Number 10/E/KPT/2019 in April  11th, 2019 with Ranking 5  
Posted: 2019-04-12

Vol 6, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents

Asrianti Chalik, Ruslan Kalla, N Nurjannah, M Arman
Melani Ganing, Andi Suryanto, Zakir Sabara, M Arman
Rachmat Rachmat, Syamsuddin Yani, Andi Artiningsih, Nurfika Ramdani
Kiagus Ahmad Roni, Sri Martini
Zakiyah Darajat, Munira Munira, Mimin Septiani, Andi Aladin
Agus Salim, Neny Rasnyanti M Aras, Boy Chandra Sitanggang
Zahrotul Azizah, Trisna Kumala Dhaniswara
Andi Aladin, Takdir Syarif, D Darnengsih, Sabrianah Badaruddin, Nurafni Ridwan
Andrik Rosela, Takdir Syarif, Zakir Sabara, Mustafiah Mustafiah